Dietary Supplements That Help Prevent Kidney Stones

retyhffcgfjrFormation of kidney stones is caused by the manner in which your body eliminates and absorbs different substances, including calcium. When the concentration of particular chemicals in urine exceeds a certain level, kidney stones (in the form of crystals) get formed. Some of the substances from which kidney stones can be formed include calcium, phosphorus, oxalate and uric acid. This is a very painful condition because of its pain in unbearable.

You cannot imagine going through the pain of the tiny kidney stones being forced out of your body via the urinary duct. Among the common causes of kidney stones is kidney disease. The best way to prevent kidney stones is to prevent conditions that back their formation. Dietary supplements can prevent these kidney stones.

Here are the supplements for preventing kidney stones

Magnesium supplements

eegreh5467fyugcfrj6You have to increase your magnesium intake. This mineral is used for treating various diseases, including kidney stones, anxiety, diabetes, urinary incontinence, etc. It also influences how the body absorbs and assimilates calcium. It prevents kidney stones by hampering combination of calcium with oxalate. Some of the dietary sources of this essential mineral include vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, meats, dairy products, and coffee.

Calcium-rich foods

Even though calcium is one of the major components of kidney stones, eating foods or taking supplements rich in calcium helps in preventing kidney stones. Research has shown that calcium-rich foods help in hindering a certain chemical reaction that facilitates kidney stones formation. It is also worth noting that calcium obtained from foods is more beneficial than the one from supplements. So consult your doctor before you start taking calcium supplements to prevent kidney stones.

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) supplements

They are used for preventing diseases such as kidney stones, heart disease, anemia, and cancer. Low level of pyridoxine in the body may create favorable conditions for the formation of kidney stones. To prevent this, increase your intake of pyridoxine supplements. Dietary sources of pyridoxine include cereals, liver, eggs, beans and vegetables.

Inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6)

hjuvgut7o5dThis is a type of vitamin found in both plant products (legumes, nuts, and cereals). It is used for preventing kidney stones and heart disease. It also treats anemia and boosts immune system. Thus eating foods rich in IP-6 will help you prevent kidney stones.

Besides these dietary supplements for preventing kidney stones, it is also recommended that you drink a lot of water, avoid sugars (such as soda and fructose) and exercise regularly.

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