tru67tyutrth65jjSmoking is known to be a risk factor for many diseases. It affects the normal functioning of the lungs, kidney, heart, and brain, in addition to ruining your sex life. However, little is known about how smoking ruins your looks. The fact is that smoking changes your appearance. This is not only on the face but the entire body including your tummy, fingers, skin, and teeth. Therefore it is important to know various ways on how smoking may ruin your looks.

Five ways smoking will ruin your looks

1. It causes wrinkles and premature aging

People who smoke looks older than their actual age. This is because smoking hastens aging. Smokers develop wrinkly faces because the nicotine in cigarettes deters normal supply of blood to blood tissues. When there is insufficient blood in the skin, wrinkles form quickly. For this reason, a twenty-year-old smoker will look like someone who is about 30 years old.

2. Stretch marks

jtr6i7urhtjuCigarettes contain nicotine that damages the connective tissues and fibers found in the skin. This makes the skin lose its strength and elasticity. The loss is a big risk factor to stretch marks. But remember that stretch marks can also be caused by quick weight gain, like during pregnancy.

3. It causes psoriasis

This is a condition of a scaly skin and is caused by several factors including smoking. Even though this condition is common among non-smokers, its risk is very high for people who puff cigarettes. Pregnant mothers who smoke can also transfer the risk of psoriasis to their babies. It is also important to note that secondhand smoke may cause psoriasis, especially in children.

4. Yellow fingers

Besides making your home walls and teeth brown, smoking can also turn your fingers yellow. This is because of the nicotine contained in cigarettes. The nicotine stains the fingers and nails. If you haven’t known, look out for smokers’ fingers and nails, and you will notice that they are usually yellow in color. This is not a good look, and the best way to avoid it is to quit smoking or never start if you are a nonsmoker.

5. Tooth loss

thjyutyn7hrerSmoking is likely to interfere with your dental formula especially if you are an addicted smoker. The habit is a great risk factor for numerous dental problems, including gum disease and oral cancer. Smokers are six times riskier to develop gum disease than nonsmokers. This disease is a major cause of tooth loss. If you are a smoker, know that you may be on the way to losing your teeth.