Anal Bleaching at Home


If you want to get rid of the dark skin around your anal area, then you know that you can go to a professional and have this taken care of. However, there are a lot of people out there that feel like they are not comfortable with this and prefer that they do it by themselves. This can pose a challenge to many, and it has led to the question – is it advisable to do anal bleaching at home?

The blackening of the skin takes place when there is friction between your clothes and your skin, or when your thighs rub together. It has also been linked to excessive soda or even coffee drinking as well as poor anal hygiene. You can choose to have surgery and have that black patch taken care of, or you can just do it by yourself at home.

Below are some of the methods that you can use which are safe.

Lemons and Oranges

Oranges and lemons are known to have a lot of vitamin C which is best for its ability to do a lot of change when it comes to hyperpigmentation. What you need to do is apply the juice to the affected anal area, and you should use a soft cotton ball. You can as well rub a slice of lemon or orange over the area. You should then leave it on your skin for about twenty minutes before you can wash it off.


Is it advisable to do anal bleaching at home using Calamansi?

This also offers the same similar effects as lemons and oranges. It is of the lemon and orange family, but it is minuscule as compared to them. It has a lot of vitamin C which is needed if you are going to have a bleached anus at home successfully. You should do the same with it as the lemons and oranges, and you will have a bleached anus in no time.

DIY Anal Bleaching Gels and Creams

These are what are most recommended, and you will find that you will achieve the desired results in a matter of time. These creams are usually easy to use than the surgery or going to the beauty spa to have this done on you. They are effective as well as being a lot less costly than the money you would use on surgery. Furthermore, this method is not only for females but also for males. Check out


You should be aware of the fact that, bleaching your anus at home or if you decide to get surgery can both have side effects but these home remedies are bound to have a lot less. This answers the question of whether is it advisable to do anal bleaching at home or not. Go to for more info on how to do it at home.

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